Point Break – Lots of Potential but it Falls Flat

By: Daniel Chadwick-Shubat

The original Point Break is in many eyes a classic. Sadly I have yet to see it, but in a way that’s good. Unlike many movie fans I couldn’t compare the remake and original, thus letting me judge the remake more fairly than most.

The verdict? It falls short, not offering any palpable story, interesting characters or any sort of engaging dialogue. Many of the actors mumbled their way through this remake, most likely making audiences wonder why a studio spent 100 million on this movie.

The main problem with this movie is how serious it takes itself. It’s not fun, it’s deeply philosophical, but in a way that doesn’t work. Before watching it I had the expectations of a silly, but exciting action movie. Instead the movie uses spiritual enlightenment as the reasoning behind the crimes Bodhi commits.

Its never really explored why except for that it’s important to give back to Earth. That’s where it’ll most likely lose your interest. Point Break features some pretty cool action scenes but its like a two hour infomercial on how to save the Earth, that doesn’t even make sense.

That brings us to the cast who were pretty much all unknowns except for Edgar Ramirez and Ray Winstone. But everyone was really miscast. Or the screenplay was just so awful that they couldn’t do anything about it. After the first half an hour your brain turns off because you can’t understand a word that Bodhi or Utah say.

It was the mumbling match of the ages, one that really only made you thirst for the action scenes even more. The funny thing about the action scenes was that they were actually fantastic. Like up there with the action scenes from Mad Max: Fury Road and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

But instead of focusing the entire movie on these scenes, they lasted about 5 minutes each, and for some reason the director brought the camera back to the characters conversing…

The acting was sub par, the dialogue awful and the action never went on long enough for the audience to get into it. Point Break aka The Remake deeply disappoints and that’s without having seen the original.

Too long, boring and without much surfing this movie is a big blooming bust.

Rating: 3.5/10

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