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    We are interested in collaborating with distributors and PR firms for contesting on our site for feature films with distribution via theatrical or streaming. Contests can be for home video releases via Digital Copy codes, physical releases, in person screening passes & many more. Please reach out for terms and policies. 

    Screener & Article Submissions: 

    We no longer accept unsolicited screener submissions for review. Only features with Canadian/US theatrical or streaming distribution from major distributors OR participation in a major film festival are accepted at this time.

    New for 2021, we now accept short films and mid-lenghts if they are playing in a film festival that we are covering. 

    We no longer accept applications for new writers nor take any unsolicited requests for freelance articles or additions to our site. For any additional approach, please use the contact form above. 

    If you are reaching out, please include your distribution and PR plans for your project in your email.

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    Along with the above email form, for general inquiries from readers and fans, please reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. We accept messages to our Facebook inbox for contesting as well! 

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