HotDocs 2018 Review – PRIMAS

PRIMAS begins almost exactly like your standard-narrative based coming-of-age drama. Our subject is lying down in a beach, seemingly asleep and very clearly angst-ridden as we see her in scenes to follow. This quirky feeling doesn’t last for long though as we find out said subject is one of two cousins that bond over something […]

HotDocs 2018 Review – POSTINGS FROM HOME

My first ever experience with the mysterious but innovative programme at Hot Docs, DocX, was last night at the Isabel Bader Theatre. For those who aren’t aware, DocX is a programme geared towards the immersive side of documentary storytelling. The programme largely consists of Virtual Reality exhibits and short films, but Kelly O’Brien’s POSTINGS FROM […]

Hot Docs 2018 Review – CIRCLES

I was initially very mixed on the premise of Cassidy Friedman’s CIRCLES, which follows Eric Butler, an Oakland guidance counsellor who has to balance his work and the discipline of his son. While the documentary could have ventured into moving territory or resulting in a story that felt too closed in, thankfully Friedman manages his […]

Hot Docs 2018 Review – UBIQUITY

There’s a gigantic difference between those few hipsters and nostalgia-fiends who crave for the days where cell phones didn’t rule the youth and those who can’t get within a certain radius of any type of technology. UBIQUITY focuses on the latter, a group of people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, and how the unrecognized health […]

Hot Docs 2018 Review – OVER THE LIMIT

First-time documentarian Marta Prus makes her debut with OVER THE LIMIT, a film about the dehumanization and mental degradation that some Russian athletes suffer through to become the best. With that incredibly heavy plot description, you may get the assumption that Prus bit off far more than she can chew for her first time behind […]