Zachary Levi and John Barrowman Sing Their Hearts out at Fan Expo

John Barrowman at Fan Expo Canada 2017

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Fan Expo Canada 2017 welcomed Chuck star Zachary Levi and fan favourite John Barrowman with open arms and, boy, were we blessed.

Zachary Levi sat down to do a Q&A and when asked about the legacy of Chuck and its impact on pop culture, he said that he hopes that people realize that we need real heroes in the world – actual people who we can look up to. Even if they are broken, and all heroes are, we still need people who will fight for us and who care.

Another fan asked why he decided to take the role in the first place, to which he first cheekily answered with “unemployment” and then followed up by saying that he admired the heart of Chuck. Mid-way through the Q&A, he broke out into songs from Disney’s Tangled, which he starred in with Mandy Moore. You can find a (very blurry) clip of him singing in the Instagram post below.

John Barrowman (Arrow, Doctor Who) never disappoints at his panels and 2017 was no different. He sashayed into the panel wearing a black trench coat, only to reveal a TARDIS romper underneath. The entire outfit was put together with a pair of white high heels.

After having some fun with the ASL interpreters, Barrowman told a bunch of hilarious anecdotes that had the pack-to-the-brim room roaring with laughter. A fan question led him to reveal that his favourite thing to do on set of Arrow is to try to make his cast mates laugh while filming a scene, especially Stephen Amell. He also gave some great acting and audition advice to a young girl in the audience who was preparing for her own audition. The entire panel closed off with a giant sing-a-long of Barry Manilow’s ‘Copacabana’.

If you ask us, all panels should include a karaoke break.

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