Hollywood Legends Kathleen Turner and Tim Curry Make Appearances at Fan Expo Canada 2017

kathleen turner at fan expo canada 2017

Debbie Wang | Get Reel Movies

The woman with the voice and the man cult following were both at Fan Expo Canada 2017 to each do their own Q&A panel.

Known for her extensive work in film and television, Kathleen Turner is an absolute icon. In the spirit of Fan Expo, she was asked what she was a fan of when she was younger. To which she said reading was what help her satisfy her imagination – she always wanted to take a book further than its ending. Almost every answer from her elicited laughter from the audience.

Tim Curry of The Rocky Horror Picture Show fame was also in town and his fans came out in hoards to see him. Curry told the audience that some of his favourite films he’s worked on have been Clue and Muppets Treasure Island, but he also really loved working on The Wild Thornberrys as well. And his biggest acting influence? The late, great Alec Guinness. He also shared a fun anecdote from the set of The Worst Witch, where Diana Rigg used bring gin to warm themselves up because the set was too cold, but they got so drunk the producers had to create a new set indoors to keep them warm.

We can’t wait to see both of these icons back at Fan Expo Canada in future years!

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