Top 10 Alan Rickman Movies

By: Daniel Chadwick-Shubat

The world was shocked by the news a few months ago, that Alan Rickman, an acting legend had passed away from cancer at the age of 69. This was only a few days after losing the music legend David Bowie. The world was obviously in shock and the tributes were in their millions on the internet.

While it is deeply saddening to see this titan of industry pass away, he leaves behind a fantastic legacy, featuring many brilliant villains, charming characters and well known for being someone who stuck up for equal rights in the industry.

So without further ado here are my top 10 Alan Rickman movies. Enjoy and remember the man for the entertainment he brought to all of our lives…

10. Bottle Shock

One of Rickman’s funnier performances,  Bottle Shock was about the “Judgement of Paris” where Californian wine beat French wine in a blind taste contest. Rickman is quietly comic and is full of British wit, once pointing out in the movie that he’s not an asshole but just British. A brilliant performance that showed the versatility that Rickman had as an actor.

9. Quigley Down Under

Featuring Tom Selleck as the American cowboy, and Rickman as the ambiguous villain, Quigley Down Under was one of the more enjoyable Westerns of the last 30 years. Rickman is brilliant as the villain, having a polished grace, that suggest that villainy is brewing under the surface, ready to come out when needed. It does and leaves us with a banging finale and a fine performance by the entire cast led by Rickman and Selleck.

8. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Even though this was only a voice role, Rickman pretty much stole the show as the robot Marvin. With his constant depressive state, it was a role that Rickman was born to play. Just listening to his sighs and witty lines about his intelligence could make anyone laugh.

7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Rickman plays the evil Judge Turpin in this Golden Globe winning movie. His performance as the primary antagonist in this movie is close to that of his in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He actually makes the audience hate him, which is pretty hard considering he’s bloody Alan Rickman.

6. Love Actually

Playing Harry opposite his wife (portrayed by frequent collaborator Emma Thompson) he’s not a villain but rather a flawed character in this British romantic comedy. His conviction at the end of the movie is one of the most moving of the movie and definitely send us reaching for the tissues. Check out my original review.

5. The Butler

In Lee Daniels’ fantastic historical character piece Rickman portrays Ronald Reagan, a man who he looks strikingly like. It also gives him another chance to exhibit his brilliant American accent. His portrayal of Reagan is by far the best part of The Butler.

4. Eye in the Sky

One of Rickman’s last performances, opposite Helen Mirren he ponders how justifiable it is to prevent a terrorist attack when innocent civilian’s lives will be in risk. His part is dialogue rich as he converses with Dame Helen Mirren over video conference as they have to decide the fates of innocent people. A definite must watch when it comes out in 2016, not just because of Rickman’s performance but also how it questions the morality of unmanned drone strikes.

3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

A deliciously evil character, this is to date the only successful adaptation of Robin Hood. It’s Rickman’s performance as the Sheriff of Nottingham that elevates this movie to greatness and is sure to be remembered as one of Alan Rickman’s best performances ever.

2. Harry Potter: Entire Series

A Vader sort of character who’s a despicable villain throughout the series who ends up redeeming himself, Severus Snape is many fans favourite Harry Potter character. He’s portrayed with elegance by Alan Rickman and is a fitting character who’s spent his life portraying characters who play with the line of good and evil so much. The best part of the Harry Potter series and that’s saying something considering Emma Watson is in it 😉

1. Die Hard

There really couldn’t have been a different number 1. All people who love films remember Rickman for portraying one of the best villains of all time, if not the best. His dialogue is supreme, he scares the living daylights out of you and he matches the biggest bad ass John McClane punch for punch. Hans Gruber will live on in Hollywood folklore for years to come and so will the awesome man who portrayed him, ALAN BLOODY RICKMAN.

Hope you enjoyed the top 10 Alan Rickman Movies! If there’s any we missed be sure to let us know in the comments below…

Rest in Peace Alan Rickman (1946 – 2016)

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