LAFF 2018 Review: MUSEO

What a ride for these Mexican friends in MUSEO. This story is a buddy movie akin to DUMB & DUMBER but a bit more melancholy.

Inspired by true events, MUSEO follows two veterinarian failures, who decide to make their mark by pulling of Mexico’s largest artifact heist. Not the smartest tools in the box, they steal from their local museum at which they volunteer. They kind of pull it off but that only adds to their problems. Now they face these self-created dilemmas and are forced to figure out how to manage the consequences of their stupidity. As the blind lead the blind, metaphorically speaking, they travel the country, confront their disapproving family and figure out what matters in friendship.

Juan played by Gael Garcia Bernal (Mozart In the Jungle) and Benjamin played by Leonardo Ortizgris have true brotherhood chemistry. Their complicated relationship feels so very real and drives the narrative in this feature. One of the best awkward moments is how selfish Gael can be when asking his friend for a favour. Beautiful visual metaphors throughout heighten the emotionality of these two struggling characters.

MUSEO is one of those fascinating “life is stranger than fiction” stories worth a watch of these underdog characters searching for validation and redemption.

MUSEO/MUSEUM is currently playing in theatres.

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