LAFF 2018 Review: BORDER

BORDER was absolutely not what I expected. It was more. I saw BORDER at the end of LAFF as it had won their World Fiction Jury Award and it had a wild premise. Tine, a woman who can smell emotions, has the perfect job as a border agent in Sweden. She sniffs disembarking ferry passengers who are entering Sweden and, as you can imagine, has a very high accuracy rate at picking out those who are hiding something. Until one day, she stops a stranger who raises more questions than provides answers.

This heartfelt, compelling story took me on some very unexpected turns, nothing was predictable. I could not take my eyes off of Eva Melander as Tine. I was so on board that I felt Tine’s struggles and triumphs as we were on this bizarre journey together. Its one of those films that you’re dying to see how it could possible end. The Cannes Film Festival might agree, as BORDER won their “Un Certain Regard” award this year.

The genre of the film is difficult to nail down. It’s part drama, part romance, part mature fairytale and part thriller. If you are looking for something unique, some Scandanavian Strangeness and a film that will keep you squirming in your seat while rooting for our hero, BORDER will not disappoint.

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