Hot Docs 2017: ‘House of Z’ Showcases Zac Posen’s Fashion Comeback

 Sandy Chronopoulos. USA, Canada. 87 Minutes. More Info.

In her feature film debut, director Sandy Chronopolous, a television producer for Rogers Media, documents the rise and fall and rise again of fashion wunderkind Zac Posen. House of Z is an intimate look at the beginnings of the fashion house and the drama that occurred behind the smoke and mirrors. Fashion fans will recognize the iconic green gown from his 2014 Fall/Winter runway show, marking Posen’s triumphant return to his craft.

While the film does show the Posen family dynamic from naive beginnings to tumultuous end, it still feels like there was a part of the drama that was hidden from us. Part of me believes that Posen’s fall-from-grace was more than just disagreements with his family combined with the pressures of an economic recession. But then I’m shown perfectly constructed gowns upon gowns and I kind of don’t care anymore about the drama.

Rating: 7/10


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