Hot Docs 2017 Interview: Nathan Fitch and Bryan Chang Discuss the Importance of the Micronesian Voice in ‘Island Soldier’

Island Soldier Hot Docs 2017 Nathan Fitch Bryan Chang

On one of the rainiest days in Toronto this year, I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the filmmakers behind Island Soldier. I was glad to hear that director Nathan Fitch and producer Bryan Chang were able to enjoy some sunshine in Toronto before the rainy weekend, but even more excited to talk about this […]

Hot Docs 2017: Strad Style

Strad Style Hot Docs 2017

 Stefan Avalos. USA. 104 Minutes. More Info. Danny Houck, a Ohioan who has never left the USA, is obsessed with violins. But he’s not obsessed with playing them – he’s obsessed with making them. His friends tell him that he could probably make more than just violins, including “guitars and stuff”. To which Danny responds […]

Hot Docs 2017: Island Soldier

Island Soldier Hot Docs 2017

 Nathan Fitch. USA. 85 Minutes. More Info. Island Soldier opens with a sobering shot; we’re at the funeral of a fallen soldier, Sapuro Nena. In the Federated States of Micronesia, the Islanders are able to enlist in the U.S. military and receive financial assistance for their service as per the contract set out in the Compact Free […]

Hot Docs 2017: ‘Integral Man’ is an Ode to What it Means to be a Human

Integral Man

Joseph Clement. Canada. 62 Min. More Info We’ve seen so many documentaries about extreme situations to keep the audience interested, or documentaries about over-the-top and charismatic characters that get obnoxious after a while. So it’s kind of wonderful to see a quick and peaceful documentary which is an ode to what it means to be a human […]