Hot Docs 2017: Strad Style

Strad Style Hot Docs 2017

 Stefan Avalos. USA. 104 Minutes. More Info.

Danny Houck, a Ohioan who has never left the USA, is obsessed with violins. But he’s not obsessed with playing them – he’s obsessed with making them. His friends tell him that he could probably make more than just violins, including “guitars and stuff”. To which Danny responds with a resounding no – he’s only interesting in making violins. He’s particularly enthralled by the famous violins made by Stradivari and Guarneri. After promising violin virtuoso Razvan Stoica he’ll make him a violin for his upcoming concert, Danny puts his obsession to the real test. He doesn’t have the skill that most violin makers have, but he sure as hell has passion.

Strad Style is without a doubt a great documentary about a very interesting character. Very few people will ever know the process of how a violin is made, but seeing one made by someone who is just a regular farm boy is even more exciting. I could do without the kitschy animations in between some of the scenes at the beginning of the film though.

Rating: 7.5/10


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