‘Bon Cop Bad Cop 2’ is entertaining, but cliché-ridden

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

The long awaited sequel to Bon Cop Bad Cop, the 2007 Canadian buddy comedy hit that is particularly loved by the French Canadian population, is finally here after ten long years. Ten years is a lengthy period, but at least Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 is not half bad, and it does deliver to a certain extent. It is a fun watch and it is targeted mainly at the Canadian movie goers who are familiar with the English-Québécois type of cultural clashing humour. There is nothing particularly original here or you haven’t seen before, but at least the film is entertaining and the much needed chemistry to make buddy movies watchable is aplenty between the two leads. The film is not without some very apparent flaws, but you can’t ask too much from a buddy comedy because it is set out to entertain and generate some good laughs and it that aspect, it delivers.

Martin Ward played the very underrated Colm Feore (The Chronicles of Riddick, Chicago, and Pearl Harbor) teams up again with his old friend David Bouchard, played by the funny Patrick Huard, to investigate a crime ring that revolves around auto-theft. However, things turn from bad to worse as they discover that the intentions behind this criminal organization is much more than auto-theft. The chemistry between the two leads is the movie’s main selling point and it infects the audience in a good way, they are comfortable together and they are clearly enjoying each other’s company. Not every joke lands on its feet, but there are enough good laughs in this one to give it the pass card easy. The action feels heavy handed and uneven, but for a non-Hollywood Canadian action movie it is not bad and gets another easy pass on the action front.

Unfortunately the movie suffers from the cliché disease that usually spoils most of the buddy comedies and prevents them from reaching their full potential. There are some forced dramatic moments, victory dancing, and other unnecessary additions that shapes this film as another cliché-ridden buddy comedy. The film also clocks over two hours and it shows. The unoriginal story is stretched to the limit for no reason. 15 minutes of clichés could have been easily written off in this one. A touch of originality could have made this movie climb two decent notches above average.

In conclusion, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 isn’t a bad film. It is funny and benefits greatly from the great chemistry between its two stars. It could have used more imagination from the filmmakers, and less clichés, and a shorter running time. However, when the credits roll, you won’t have any big regrets from watching a light comedy like this one.

Rating: 6/10

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