‘Canada the Good?’ and CBC’s Digital Docuseries, “Brand Canada”

Rant & Rave Molson Canadian The Rant Brand Canada

Are you a proud Canadian? CBC’s newest docuseries anthology aims to showcase the best parts of Canada’s brand and what the rest of the world thinks of us. A collaboration of 10 short episodes from filmmakers across the country, Brand Canada explores what it means to be Canadian from a Canadian perspective. Touching on all things True North from Trudeau, to Molson, and the celebrities, like Drake and Shania Twain, that have become our unofficial spokespeople; the series provides unique perspectives on Canada’s brand.

All the episodes will be available on CBC on May 15, 2017 at cbc.ca/brandcanada.

Below is a full list of all the shorts and short reviews for selected docs in the series:

Canada the GoodDir. Tess Girard / Produced by Christina Carvalho and Geoff Morrison (World Premiered during Hot Docs 2017)
America’s Canada – Dir. Aleysa Young
Rant & Rave – Dir. Daniel Rowe
The Canadian Dream – Dir. Haya Waseem
Design is a Process – Dir. Randall Okita
Origin Story – Dir. Ryan Noth
Meanwhile in Canada – Dir. Justin Broadbent & Josh Rakin
Brand Ambassadors: Drake & Shania – Dir. Geoff Morrison
Trudeaumania Redux – Dir. Ramon Perez & Mike Valiquette
O Canada (Karaoke Version) – Dir. Justin Broadbent & Josh Rakin

Canada the Good?
Most of the world knows Canada as America’s less crazy, and more polite sibling. Through global surveying, one researcher finds that our country has developed a very specific brand where everyone else in the world would like to be our friends and buy our products. Canada the Goodtries to explain why the rest of the world perceives Canada in this way and dispels some misconceptions that they may have as well. It’s quick short that doesn’t do more than make you question your own pride in your country. I could do without the overuse of Instagram-like filters though.

Rant & Rave
This short talks how Molson’s ‘The Rant’ from 2000 was developed, where the beer ad actively mocks every single Canadian stereotype you can think of. A really interesting doc breaking down why our stereotypes are important to us and how one company was able to use them to their advantage to win over the market.

The Canadian Dream
Most people living in Canada today are descendants of immigrants from other countries. This short follows different immigrants who explain their first experience with Canada and how they are living the Canadian dream now. Touching doc that will make you appreciate how accepting Canada is and how lucky we are to live here.

Meanwhile in Canada
A reporter tries to track down the person behind the internet “MEANWHILE IN CANADA” meme. I was excited for the first 10 seconds, and then I realized how utterly boring the creator of the meme was. He couldn’t care less about this reporter asking him questions and in the end he doesn’t even tell us what the meme means to him.

O Canada (Karaoke Version)
Sing along to our national anthem… with a bag of Lay’s ketchup chips in the foreground of every scene.

Watch Brand Canada on May 15, 2017 on cbc.ca.

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