US – Blu Ray Review

US - Now On Blu Ray!

Out of all of the big movies that have passed through my eyeballs in 2019 so far, Jordan Peele’s US, a followup to his breakout smash hit GET OUT, is definitely one of the most talked about. Back in March I was standing in an incredibly long line to attend the premiere at the Austin, Texas-based South By Southwest Film & Conference…and didn’t get in. And neither did over a thousand other conference people.

I waited and waited…three weeks, until the movie was finally released in wide release. Like with every movie I tend not to read reviews or watch many clips or trailers ahead, and in this case I’m glad that I did. This outstanding follow-up to Peele’s GET OUT is even more assured in areas as it follows a family that is being stalked by a group of people that may look like them. It takes an idea on home invasion and runs with it. The surprises and discovery throughout is incredible and it is led by a career best by actress Lupita Nyon’o who gives not only one, but two outstanding performances here that I hope are recognized by award time.

About the Blu Ray: Just released this week, Universal has released a lovely 4k/Blu Ray combo disc here, with both the 4k and Blu Ray delivering an above-and-beyond presentation. The 4k, especially, showcases deep detail in many dark scenes. The soundtrack is pretty subtle and front-heavy, but I was more impressed by the use of music here with outstanding surround detail. This is a pretty decent test material and a nice way to show off a high-end home theater system and is very accurate to how the theatrical presentation looked. The disc is also complemented with some production featurettes, deleted scenes and scene breakdowns if you want to expand your interest on the making of the movie.

US is now available on 4k/Blu Ray and a standalone Blu Ray edition disc and is highly recommended if you are a fan of the movie or are even curious about Peele’s incredible new piece of work. Buy this and don’t look back.

Thanks to Universal Pictures for providing a copy for review!

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