Tomb Raider Review: Is Hollywood Running Out Of Ideas?

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It is official, Hollywood is running out of ideas in a bad way. It looks like the sky is raining remakes on weekly basis and most of them are not even worth the time. This effort is not as bad as The Mummy but it is largely familiar. There are a few good moments here and there, and some decent performances, but nothing to elevate this film above generic action. There are good remakes (a small number) and there are bad remakes (a big number), this one is in the middle and leaning to the bad side.

Here we have a younger Lara Croft, independent and staying away from her family’s riches after her father’s death. She lacks purpose and continuously looking for quick thrills. She starts to realize that maybe it is time to solve the mystery of her father’s death, which leads her on an adventure that revolves around a mythical island and an ancient tomb harboring a dangerous secret. Yes, it is exactly the story you expect from such a movie and nothing is wrong with that.

There are many decent action scenes, and the island looks great. Alicia Vikander nails both the physical and the emotional aspects of her character and she is simply the best thing about this film. However, Daniel Wu is completely wasted as we don’t get to see any of his marital arts skills and fight scenes that fill up his T.V show Into the Badlands. The film lacks style, it looks like every other action-adventure movie of its kind. The story is nothing new, and the puzzles are not interesting. It is simply another generic remake.

At least the filmmakers inserted a decent emotional relationship at the core of the film and shot some respectable action scenes which prevented this movie from becoming a total waste of time and instead turned into a watchable affair with almost no distinction. This is at most an average action adventure that will disappear quickly from your head after you walk out of the theater.

Rating: 5/10

TOMB RAIDER is now in theatres. 

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