TIFF 2022: Are We Back?

The subject of “are we back to normal” is still a debatable issue to this very day and it entirely depends on who you ask in this divided, opinionated current culture. There are people who just want to get back out there and live life, and then there are people who are still being as careful as they can and sticking to their own guns. I have always been somewhere in the middle of all of this. 

In the world of film festivals, it has been even more of a gamechanger. In a time where people are conditioning themselves to For the fine people at the Toronto International Film Festival this is a fight to get people back into cinemas, the butts in seats. And it isn’t just for the new movies either; TIFF is passionate about the moviegoing experience. 

This is my seventh year at TIFF, having first attended as a public film fan in 2013 and 2014 then as industry from 2017 and off an on with the pandemic. For the second year in a row, TIFF media is providing Get Reel Movies with press accreditation and we are very thankful. Tonight’s opening movie is the Netflix picture THE SWIMMERS and I’ll be in an aisle seat to check out the world premiere! 

The 2021 edition was a bizarre experience, and on reflection I really thank TIFF for providing the best experience that they could. I saw far less movies and more time hanging out in the Bell Lightbox lounge typing away notes on my iPad and feeling like I was missing tons of shows, but it does not to be the same case this year. There really will be a lot of activities to keep me busy. 

This year the entire festival is just within a few blocks of each other. In 2019 I was definitely getting my steps in with Press & Industry screenings at the mighty Scotiabank 14-plex then darting across downtown to just make the Midnight Madness screening at the mammoth Ryerson auditorium. This year, Midnight Madness has moved right onto King Street across the way from the Roy Thomson Hall along with the aforementioned Scotiabank, Princess of Wales and the heavenly Bell Lightbox. Yes, I mention “mighty” and “heavenly” when I describe these theatres as it’s a BIG reason why I make the commute from Vancouver Island every year. These theatres do not mess around.

So what will it be like this year? I’m dying to find out! Watch our site for coverage and hope to see you in line!

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

Watch on our site for capsule reviews and photos of #TIFF22 events! Our thanks to TIFF for having us. 

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