THE FLASH Review – Too Far Gone

The only reason I went to see THE FLASH movie is to enjoy witnessing the return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. The music and the Tim Burton touch is everywhere when he’s gracing the screen and I wanted to watch those movies and first animated series again! There’s also Sasha Calle as Kara Zor-El / Supergirl, and this emo take on the otherwise once teenage character is a radical idea that actually works. Instead of an optimistic blonde as portrayed in JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and television series, SUPERGIRL, she has dark hair and quite the attitude. Even though her screen time is short, I’m sold and want more of her in upcoming films!

That’s if there is a future for the DC Multiverse and the characters introduced before James Gunn’s reboot saga takes over. The ideas suggested in this story imply many universes will die, and as for whether any got saved, I’m not sure. The worlds where previous iterations of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman lived in are being smashed, and it’s no spoiler that the Scarlet Speedster is to blame! As the movie trailers have presented, he’ll have to find a means to get home and also stop what he’s accidentally started. 

In this film, he’s quite the villain. His selfish desire to turn back time and prevent his mother from being murdered is the cause of all the chaos going on. Although Batman is a mentor to him, this kid doesn’t listen and thinks time travel solves everything. He doesn’t discover he has this ability until after saving a bunch of hospital patients. During this process, the ideas are very much stolen from other films featuring speedsters, namely in what the X-MEN FILMS presented with Quicksilver as the hero of the minute. Had this action sequence been handled differently, I would be excited.

There’s a few fun moments which are worth a chuckle, but they aren’t laugh out loud ridiculous. That’s because Ezra Miller doesn’t fully offer personality traits to admire. The hero has often been characterised in other takes as either comic relief or as a baseball star. I’ve seen them all, including cameos in a series like SMALLVILLE. Whoever thought Miller was perfect for the role might now be out of a job. He can pull off playing multiple roles, since he has to go from irrepressible to take-charge.

I found some amusement with him as a version of Ted Logan (from the BILL & TED movies) for his younger self, but ultimately, after the film, I wished the producers hired a past recognisable face. There were three people, and many in the animated front. Grant Gustin is the best, since he gave us fans a personality to love. He has more charm than Miller.

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Thankfully, the reboot means most of the DC superheroes will be recast. It’s safe to say Henry Cavill as Superman won’t be back. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman believes her time is over, but I’m crossing my fingers. As for Batman, almost anyone can play the caped crusader. To have Keaton return would be terrific as his take on an older grizzled Bruce Wayne is the perfect evolution since BATMAN RETURNS. And that this film depends on Bats to carry the story show Barry Allen/ Flash isn’t leading man material. 

When thinking about whether this movie can function without all the added heroes, it would most likely crash and burn. That isn’t good, as it only validates how well this character stands on his own. When dealing with villains tailored to be his antithesis, it’s possible. But as for those which require the JUSTICE LEAGUE to band together, he’ll always be ground support than be in the front lines. That much is validated in the opening act. Speed requires stealth, and here, he keeps on running into walls and doesn’t learn until the very end.

Even then, what he’s done still resulted in damage to the timeline. That probably explains why the next DC film, BLUE BEETLE, won’t be connected at all to current events, but as for AQUAMAN: THE LOST KINGDOM, I’ll see it just because it’s rumoured to have more of a horror movie vibe to it. That alone could redeem this universe when a Kraken creature like Cthulhu might be involved!

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