SOUND OF VIOLENCE is an amazing movie from director Alex Noyer, which is his feature film debut. This is like a comic book story.  I think you should see it as something as more fun and not to be taken seriously. Just suspend your disbelief when you watch this film. This is a comic book villain origin story; but there is not Batman to stop the villain. The film is full of over the top musical death or torture machines our villain creates for her victims. This villain might as well be called the “Death Tone” This film is a combination of over the top 70s giallo film with 2000s American horror.

The villain in SOUND OF VIOLENCE is Alexis Reeves (Jasmin Savoy Brown), a sound engineer and as a little girl she was witness to the murder to her entire family. It was here that she experienced the titular sound of violence, whenever she causes pain to somebody, she can see the sound of pain and violence, which looks like waves of kaleidoscope color moving around her. It looks beautiful on the screen. This is an addictive sensation to her. It should also be mentioned at this point that Alexis is losing her hearing.

As an adult Alexis is in college studying music. She is trying to find the ultimate sound. One-night Alexis is witness to a horrible accident and it triggers her senses as in the title of the movie. Now she must find a way to replicate and capture this sound. She creates this over the top invention like a killer drum machine, a deadly harp and a killer theremin.  Alexis wants to create her masterpiece; the only problem is that she needs to hurt people to get this sound. Nothing is going to stop her to create this macabre musical masterpiece.

In SEVEN you can see the killer in that movie existing in real life. The way that mysery killer murders people in David Fincher’s classic movie is plausible. The murders in SOUND OF VIOLENCE are not plausible in real life. It’s the reason I love this movie. I was surprised by all the contraption Alexis built throughout the movie. Even the police in the movie are baffled by her traps. If a costume would have shown up at any minute to stop her; I would not have been shocked.

SOUND OF VIOLENCE is an exciting horror film. I had a lot of fun watching it, but just remember when you watch, think of it as a comic villain origin story.

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