South By Southwest 2019 Interview – I’M GOING OUT FOR CIGARETTES director Osman Cerfon

“Jonathan is twelve years old, lives with his mum and sister; and also some weird men nesting in the closets. If you like puzzle game and missing pieces, then you may enjoy the film.” Director Osman Cerfon on I’M GOING OUT FOR CIGARETTES which screens at the 2019 edition of SxSW Film.

Welcome to the amazing SxSW and congratulations on your movie playing here! Are you planning to attend SxSW with your film?

Unfortunately I can’t, otherwise my wife may change the locks. She is too worried that I may never come back.

How did you first hear about the short films at SxSW and wishing to send your film into the festival/conference?

To be honest I hadn’t heard about it, until my film got selected here. I’m not in charge of the festival submission for my film. But the production company sounds really excited about the film being selected here!

Tell me about the idea behind your project and getting it made!

I have grown up without knowing my father’s face. I didn’t lose him, I just never had him, and my mum has always outrageously avoided the subject… So sometimes I was thinking “Hey ! This guy sitting in the bus over there, he may be my father… or not.” Actually not knowing him, made him nowhere and everywhere at the same time. And I think this is mostly what the film is about.

Who are some of your main creative inspirations for this short?

Some american comics artists, like Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns really inspire me when I was younger. I also love Satoshi Kon’s movies. But it’s really difficult to me to identify one precise influence for this short except maybe Igor Kovaliov, a Russian animation director.

How did you put the short together from a technical viewpoint?

We mostly draw on Adobe Animate.

After your short screens here, where is it going next? Anywhere you would love to show it?

It’s going to be screened in Glas, an animation festival in Berkley!

What would you suggest to theatres or even film festivals as a way to show more short films theatrically or make them more accessible to audiences across the country?

Make more special short programs! Or screen a short film before the blockbuster features.

If you know of anyone around you wanting to become a filmmaker, or even put together shorts, what would you suggest to get their start?

Especially for animation, it so long to finance and to make. Make sure you know why you are doing this film and not another.

And finally, what is your favourite short film of all time?

MILCH by Igor Kovaliov.

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