Getting more and more into SIFF features from all over the world, I wanted to focus on a movie made in Seattle’s own yard this time around. TIM TRAVERS & THE TIME TRAVELER’S PARADOX is a wacky sci-fi parable that is for anyone interested in time travel movies. Yeah, you know the one in particular.

Program Notes: Tim Travers and the Time Traveler’s Paradox goes above and beyond with premise. Right away the paradox is presented: Tim Travers (Samuel Dunning, “The American West”) is a mad scientist in the truest sense of the term, and in a fit of experimental madness, he kills his younger self, thus initiating the complex paradox that gives the film its title. The supporting cast is exceptional, with Delilah (Felicia Day, “Mystery Science Theater 3000”) and Royce (Danny Trejo “Machete”) both helping to carry the film’s whimsical tone. With a concept so broad, you might think that the movie would take itself too seriously, but Tim Travers keeps things fun; It’s Back to the Future with more teeth. The Alex Jones-esque radio host played by Seattle native Joel McHale (“Community”) carries the “Rick and Morty”-level insanity into that of our current world. It’s a science fiction journey that’s original, intelligent, but most importantly, fun. (Credit: Aaron Cole)

Reaction: Time travel has always been an interesting subject on film because it’s the type of technology I actually WISH (so I could go back in time and experience more old school movie theaters, like the ones that SIFF is known for), so TIM TRAVERS is a really unique lark that take on a much bigger question of the faults of time travel and all of the chaos that it can create. The movie centres around a great performance by Samuel Dunning who does the always difficult task of acting against many versions of his character. The movie is also helped by a really fun supporting cast including MST3K’s Felicia Day and a lot of snark, Joel McHale as a radio host and right down to genre favourites Danny Trejo and Keith David in cameo roles.  It’s a low budget comedy mostly, and all in a good way. I would love to see this at more midnight screenings. 

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