Introducing The Get Reel Movies Podcast! Episode 1: Robert Billott discusses DARK WATERS

Get Reel Movies has a new podcast! Because what the world needs is another podcast, right?

Welcome to the newest film podcast, Get Reel Movies, hosted by Daniel Chadwick-Shubat. Each episode we’ll be interviewing someone who’s story has been featured in a film based on a true story. Episodes will come out every fortnight as well as one episode a month where Daniel will be joined by co-host Jason to talk about a new release that they take turns picking. Thanks for checking us out and we look forward to interviewing fascinating people about true (or not so true) stories!

We have linked the Apple podcast below, however the Get Reel Movies podcast is available on wherever you get your podcasts worldwide!

Episode #1 – DARK WATERS with Robert Bilott

In this inaugural episode we sit down with Robert Bilott (portrayed by Mark Ruffalo), the subject of the film Dark Waters. We cover the quick filmmaking process from the article in the New York Times about Robert coming out in 2016, to the release of the film mere months before COVID hit the Western Hemisphere. We also look at how accurate the film was in portraying the timeline as well as the relationships with the key players of Dark Waters.

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

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