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I raved about IN THE HEIGHTS back in June, right around the time when theatres reopened. I was lucky to catch a theatrical screening in a REALLY good theatre and the entire experience of a group of well-intentioned characters trying to make it in the New York suburb of Washington Heights a part musical, part drama and comedy that is all in great spirits. I still think it’s a bit long at its near 2.5 hour running time, but there’s still a lot of fun and happiness throughout. 

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About the 4k release: 

This 2160p, Dolby Vision enabled transfer is one of the finest examples of the power of the format to date. One thing that immediately struck me was the vibrant color tone in the opening musical sequence . Shot on a really high end Panavision DLX2 camera with nearly 8k resolution, this is a dynamic mix of extreme high end digital capture, and Chu along with cinematographer Alice Brooks heavily push the pastel-colors. This really is a powerful visual presentation that will convert any people on the fence to upgrade their equipment (and seriously, what are you waiting for?).

Like with the recent CONJURING 4k disc, the Dolby Atmos track is a standout and what I love is it always adapts to the system you are using. I am using Dolby headphones more and more these days in my house just to “lock in” the audio experience, and it is definitely no slouch here. Some of the musical sequences really have such an immersive sound field that it demands you have the best speaker system possible.

As always, the bonus features are all on the Blu Ray, and the main attraction is a 43 minute documentary on the creation of IN THE HEIGHTS over many, many years and featuring interviews from John M. Chu and all of the lead actors, along with Lin Manuel Miranda about the creation. It’s crazy to discover how many years this project has been in the making and it’s fun to watch the behind-the-scenes footage of exactly how all of the visuals and effects were made. 

The included Digital Copy redeems to Google Play in Canada, and despite the back cover of the package saying otherwise, it DOES update to 4k/HDR for watching on Chromecast devices. I sampled a few minutes and while it’s solid overall, it does not hold a candle to the 4k disc presentation. I always wish Digital Copies would divert to Apple TV for Dolby Vision support, but that’s me being picky.

For all 4k owners, IN THE HEIGHTS is an easy recommendation for an entertaining experience that will live on for years and sure to become a classic. 

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

IN THE HEIGHTS is now available on 4k disc. Many thanks to Warner PR for sending out a copy for review.

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