Contest: Win a Digital Copy of NEW ORDER from Elevation Pictures!

Hello GRM fans! Our friends at Elevation Pictures have sent over a few copies of their upcoming title NEW ORDER and we would love to get a copy into your library! Enter via the handy link below and share this contest with your friends and family!

ABOUT: Conceived six years ago, Michel Franco’s near-future dystopia feels ripped from headlines that haven’t yet been written. While protests rage in the streets, Marianne’s high society family prepares for her wedding. At first, only splatters of green paint and the appearance of Rolando, a former employee seeking emergency medical funds, intrude on the festivities. But soon the party is unable to keep the reckoning at bay, and what follows is a swift disintegration of law and order defined first by class lines, then by disastrous government recapitulation. 

How To Enter:

  • Fill out the below form clearly & accurately.
  • Contest is for Apple TV (iTunes) code. You must have an Apple ID to enter and know how to redeem a winning code if selected to win.
  • Sharing is caring! Please email & private message this contest to your friends and family!
  • Additional contest rules are below and please take a moment to read and confirm.
  • Contest runs from June 9-11, 2021!

Rules & Regulations:

All contests on Get Reel Movies are for Canadian Residents 18 & over. This contest is for an Apple TV (iTunes) copy and all entrants must have an Apple ID to enter and win, along with fully understanding how to redeem a code. Winners will be contacted by our contest business email to confirm message and then a link will be sent. Team GRM reserves the right to restrict winners from all future contests if they do not have an Apple ID nor understand how to redeem a code into their library. Redistributing/sharing/selling links is strictly prohibited. Per our privacy policy we will not publicly reveal winners and close this contest at our discretion. Contest winners will be logged in our system on date of contact and will not be able to win another contest for one month from confirmation of contest. Any futher questions? Shoot us an email at the “contact” button at the top!

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