Contest: Enter to Win Advanced Passes to See “Into the Forest”

Elevation Pictures and Get Reel Movies want to take readers and listeners to an advanced screening of Into the Forest! Screenings will take place in Winnipeg and Edmonton on Wednesday, June 1, 2016 and in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Halifax on Thursday, June 2, 2016.

In the not too distant future, two ambitious young women, Nell and Eva, live with their father in a lovely but rundown home up in the mountains somewhere on the West Coast. Suddenly the power goes out;no  one  knows  why.  No  electricity,  no  gasoline. Their  solar  power  system  isn’t  working.    Over  the following  days,  the  radio  reports  a thousand  theories:    technical  breakdowns,  terrorism,  disease  and uncontrolled violence across the continent. Then, one day, the radio stops broadcasting. Absolute silence. Step  by  ominous  step,  everything  that  Nell,  a  would be  academic,  and  Eva,  a hard  working contemporary dancer, have come to rely on is stripped away: parental protection, information, food, safety, friends, lovers, music — all gone. They are faced with a world where rumor is the only guide, trust is a scarce commodity, gas is king and loneliness is excruciating. To battle starvation, invasion and despair, Nell and Eva fall deeper into a primitive life that tests their endurance and bond. Ultimately, the sisters must work together to survive and learn to discover what the earth will provide.  They find comfort in cherishing the memories of the happy family life they once shared. The natural world, art & memory sustain them. But for how long?
Check out the trailer:

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Elevation Pictures releases Into the Forest on Friday, June 3, 2016.

(Photo/video credit: Elevation Pictures)

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  1. Would love to see this movie in Edmonton

  2. would love to see this in Calgary

  3. Jean Curtis says: Reply

    Calgary please!

  4. Anisha Jani says: Reply

    This movie looks so good. Victoria bc please

    1. This movie looks like a awesome thriller movie. Tickets please and thanks

  5. I would love tickets to this movie because I want to what happens next. Please and thankyou victoria bc

    1. I ment to say *see

  6. Vivian Spak says: Reply

    Edmonton please

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