VIFF 2018 Interview – FROM ACROSS THE STREET & THROUGH TWO SETS OF WINDOWS writer Rayisa Kondracki

“Our film is about a woman who watches her neighbour across the street.  She watches him as he eats dinner, talks on the phone, plays nintendo…stands naked in the window.  She’s become obsessed. But it’s not sexual. His presence seems to comfort her loneliness.” Writer Rayisa Kondracki on FROM ACROSS THE STREET & THROUGH TWO […]

VIFF 2018 Interview: HOLY ANGELS director Jay Cardinal Villeneuve

The following is an interview I conducted at last year’s Whistler Film Festival. It has been edited for inclusion in this year’s VIFF coverage. “Holy Angels uses the life-affirming power of dance and the resilience of an unbowed young protagonist to explore the devastating impact of residential school.” Director Jay Cardinal Villeneuve on HOLY ANGELS […]

VIFF 2018 Interview: CATERPILLARPLASTY director David Barlow-Krelina

“Discover ultimate beauty! In an advanced society, the caterpillar has divine significance and the people desire metamorphosis. Enter the Iridescent Lifestyle Institute and become the embodiment of perfection.” Director David Barlow-Krelina on CATERPILLARPLASTY which screens at the 2018 edition of VIFF. Congratulations on your film playing and welcome to VIFF! Is your first time here […]

VIFF 2018 Interview: PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF DESIRE director Hao Wu

The following interview took place at this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival. It has been re-edited for inclusion in coverage of this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival. “People’s Republic of Desire tells a real-life Black-Mirror-like story, in which technology gives young people otherwise of no future prospect a chance at fame and fortune, but […]