#Canada150: Our Favourite Canadian Actresses

Happy Canada Day! July 1st is the day we celebrate when this great country of ours became one. It’s a country of great beer, poutine, and fantastic movies. At Get Reel Movies we specifically celebrate the great movies that come out of Canada (but we definitely enjoy the beer and poutine). Over the next few articles some of the members of our team will talk about their favourite parts of Canadian film. Starting this little series off is a list of some of our favourite actresses to come out of Canada.

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Marie Avgeropoulos

This was an easy choice, simply because I am profoundly attached to her character Octavia Blake on the CW’s The 100 which is far too melodramatic for its own good, and yet still so addicting. – Joy Knowles

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Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany might be one of the most versatile actresses of this decade. Watch her in Orphan Black, which is sadly ending it’s run, and be amazed. She’ll also be starring in Stronger later this year with Jake Gyllenhaal. –Debbie Wang
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Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon is an actress that will most likely become a Canadian icon in my opinion. Everything she’s in she makes better and has been making amazing acting decisions over the last few years from Denis Villenueve’s criminally under seen Enemy to Hulu’s great adaptation of Stephen King thriller 11.22.63. She also works with Sarah Polley regularly and Polley is also a jewel in Canada’s film industry. – Daniel Chadwick-Shubat

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Stay tuned for more lists about Canadian film throughout this weekend! 

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