‘Blood Honey’ Review: An Enticing Canadian Thriller

Shenae Grimes and Gil Bellows in BLOOD HONEY

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After nearly a decade, Jenibel Heath (Shenae Grimes-Beech) returns home to be with her dying father. But her dysfunctional family still hasn’t gotten over her mother’s suicide and Jenibel struggles with her personal guilt and nightmares.

Influenced by classics such as Vertigo, The Shining, and Rosemary’s BabyBlood Honey is an enticing thriller set on a secluded island in Northern Ontario. Director Jeff Kopas does a great job establishing the isolated location as it plays a pivotal role to the story. When it’s not a buzzing thriller it’s a devastating family drama about a young women going back to her traumatic childhood roots. As the film progresses Jenibel finds herself clearly outnumbered and threatened by her family and friends who try to stop her from selling the family business. This leads to moments of unhinged horror with little hope.

Blood Honey boasts an impressive cast of Canadian talent with Shenae Grimes-Beech, Gil Bellows, Kenneth Mitchell, and the always great Don McKellar. Grimes-Beech is great here as Jenibel, the outcast daughter who returns home after many years away. She shows her vast range, whether she’s showing her vulnerability or her strong willed side, she always manages to carry the workload gracefully. Bellows leaves a lasting impression with his supporting role as his decisions haunt Jenibel throughout. It’s always a delight to see the work of Don McKellar and here is another reason why. On the surface Dr. Bert is calm, cool, and collected, but yet you cant help but think there’s something off about him.

Blood Honey is a quality film that shows the strengths of the Canadian film industry. From the talented cast and crew to the awe-inspiring visuals, there is a lot to like in this unique mind-bender.

Rating: 8/10

Blood Honey opens in limited release in Ottawa on Aug 31 and Toronto on Sept 1 with expansion to Vancouver and Calgary on Sept 8 and 12.

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