BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER on 4k Blu Ray – Lather, Rinse, Repeat

A sequel of sorts to the 2018 smash hit BLACK PANTHER featuring the now-late Chadwick Boseman, this sequel has a completely different tone and feeling, not much to its merit. This sequel mostly takes place in the fictional world of Wakanda as outside forces try to make their way in and it’s up to

Every moment of WAKANDA FOREVER feels manufactured and less of a real movie that would need to be seen in a cinema. This could have easily been a series or a mini-movie on Disney+ and no one would have been able to tell the difference. Even filmmaker Ryan Coogler, who broke onto the scene with the terrific FRUITVALE STATION and has had such a visual flair for storytelling has submitted to the exact same “Marvel look” for the entirety of the running time. I saw issues with focus and visual effects throughout, and it was more noticeable this time around as I felt so disconnected with the story and building a world I’m not that interested in to begin with. 

About the 4k Blu Ray: 

Disney only provides digital copies for their video content which was HD only by the time of this review, so I am unable to comment on the 4k presentation without popping over to Disney+ to see the full transfer (over there it is also available in the IMAX enhanced version, but this and the 4k disc are keeping the movie in its 2.39 aspect ratio). It seems that just select titles upgrade to 4k on Google Play Movies via the Disney digital code and others do not for unknown reasons. Even with my reservations on the original cinematography of the movie, the transfer is pretty much exactly what you would see in theatres. The 5.1 Dolby soundtrack is strong and its use of split surrounds and bass is still pretty standard for the series. I saw this theatrically in the IMAX format and it was definitely a lot louder than how I played it here! 

The bonus features included on the disc include:

Gag Reel

·       Take a look at some of the lighthearted moments on the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Audio Commentary

·       Listen to Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole, and Autumn Durald Arkapaw discuss the film.


·       Envisioning Two Worlds – Uncover the making of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever through the lens and leadership of co-writer/director Ryan Coogler, production designer Hannah Beachler, and costume designer Ruth Carter.

·       Passing the Mantle – Follow the evolution of the Black Panther through the films. In tracing Shuri, Ramonda, and Riri’s journeys through the film, this featurette explores what legacy ultimately means in Wakanda and how it will resonate with MCU viewers for years to come.

Deleted Scenes

·       Outside The Scope – Okoye has a shocking standoff with Ayo and the Dora Milaje. Aneka makes a challenging decision.

·       The Upstairs Toilet – Ross infiltrates the NSA in disguise in an attempt to uncover information.

·       Daughter of the Border – After a conversation with her Uncle, Okoye is faced with a daunting choice.

·       Anytime, Anywhere – In Haiti, Shuri and Okoye share a bittersweet moment.

All said, it’s a totally fine release for the dwindling Marvel fan base and of course will look great in your collection if you absolutely must have this entire series on your shelf. I know those people are out there, and I’m fine with that too. From what I can tell, it does the transfer and features very well. None of this is for me, of course, but I’m doing a public service in a way by understanding and appreciating the fanbase and culture that I still feel needs to see more movies. I just hope a more accessible movie from this franchise comes down the pipeline later, and I don’t think the new ANT-MAN will do this either.

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

WAKANDA FOREVER is now available on 4k Blu Ray from Disney. Our thanks as always to Disney PR for sending us copies out for review.