4k/Blu Ray Review – TROLLS WORLD TOUR

Arriving on 4k/Blu Ray from Universal this week is TROLLS WORLD TOUR, the sequel to the hit 2016 movie TROLLS which I thought was a colorful, lively and just slightly “weird” animated feature that had a positive message about being happy and true to yourself, set to the tune of fun riffs on popular music. 

WORLD TOUR focuses on our main characters again but also on several different Troll worlds.  There is funk, country, techno, classical, pop and rock worlds, and the “rock” world wants to take over everything. It’s a good-versus-evil story that doesn’t always work for me. For this animation fan, WORLD TOUR is the great example where I wish a movie would “tell” less and “show” more. There are so many scenes of characters loudly describing everything in the storyline leaving little to the imagination, and cringe-inducing revision of songs (Oh how annoyed I was when “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is changed to “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun” at the beginning) that I feel makes it drag for adults as opposed to the light-hearted tone of the first movie. That said, I know kids will love this and play it on repeat and be wowed by the visual fun. 

About the Blu Ray:

After recently upgrading to a new 4k monitor, I was lucky to run this in full on 4k, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos…all the technical bells and whistles. And this movie GLOWS on 4k. Vibrant, deep, eye-popping colors throughout and the detail does not end in this 2.40:1 widescreen presentation. This is very much demo material, even from the first few segments where we see the various worlds in the Troll kingdom. The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is also very lively, loud at times and has good surrounds and separation. Again, it’s a nice one to show off to friends if you have the technical setup. 

There is also a Blu Ray and digital copy included (along with a fully separate release on Blu Ray/DVD), so those who are not in the 4k world yet are fully covered. A few extras on the disc include deleted scenes, production features including interviews, a “world tourist map” (which I found useful, oddly enough) and a filmmakers commentary with director Walt Dohrn and producers. For fans of this movie, the additional features round out a very nice presentation on 4k disc. 


While I am clearly not the audience for TROLLS WORLD TOUR and while I didn’t feel this was nearly as good as the positive, light-hearted lark the 2016 TROLLS was, this is going to be a heavy replay disc for families and especially kids, who will absolutely love the visuals and fun music throughout. 

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

TROLLS WORLD TOUR is now available on 4k/Blu Ray from Universal Pictures. Thanks to ThinkJam PR and Universal for sending a copy out for review.

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