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A movie that I almost feels a bit dated with in comparison to most modern comedies, WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON is about pretty people falling for prettier people, and that old cliche where someone as gorgeous as Kate Bosworth plays a “normal looking” individual who just happens to work at a Piggly Wiggly supermarket and the other guy in her life that has no idea that he’s in love with her.

The movie opens on three best friends who all work at the Piggly Wiggly who are all seeing the latest superstar Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel) movie on the big screen. Immediately, I’m already wanting to get on Pete (Topher Grace) to stop talking during the movie, but it’s almost immediately clear that he’s in love with Rosalee (Kate Bosworth) and I feel like their friend Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin) also knows. After this setup, we cut to Tad who is having some behind the scenes personal trouble. His management (Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes) convince him to start a contest where a lucky winner gets a date with him. Naturally, Rosalee wins the contest, much to the chagrin of Grace who is clearly in love with her. A lot of romantic comedy wackiness ensues.

All the romantic comedy cliches are here. Small town people crossing with major talents, who seem to be able to travel instantly anywhere, and all of the stardom cliches are here. I also really admired the sequence where Rosalee goes to LA and everyone is talking on their cell phones as they leave the airport…yes, that was a joke back in 2004. Filmmaker Robert Luketic (LEGALLY BLONDE, 21) clearly knows what he is doing here and is not afraid to have fun with the material and not to take it too seriously. 

About the Blu Ray: 

I will admit that when I think about older movies that should be released on either Blu Ray or 4k, WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON is not one that’s anywhere near the top of my list. That and I would have thought this movie would have had a Blu Ray by now, but until 2022 it just existed on DVD. But I’m glad it happened, as Paramount has done a nice job on the look and sound of this remaster. It’s a nice looking movie, shot on 35mm in the Super 35 format, and is one of the many movies in this era where they chose to go widescreen for no real reason. 

No matter, as it has a colourful film look throughout both in its basic Piggly Wiggly to the Hollywood and area sequences. A few shots up in Laurel Canyon especially have a nice black level to them, and overall it’s clean and bright.

The DTS Master audio track is also pretty basic with limited surrounds and is pretty much what you expect for a romantic comedy. It’s perfectly serviceable and fine, and of course nothing to showcase off your sound system.

There are also not many special features to play here, just a few deleted scenes and a slightly amusing gag reel. I would have loved to have heard a modern commentary track with Luketic and the cast to reflect on making the movie!

WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON has pretty much fallen off the radar but I was glad this got a re-release as it was nice to see a light-hearted charmer of a comedy that checks a lot of boxes in the early 2000’s romantic comedy game, but with really good performances and a funny Topher Grace level of sarcasm, it’s definitely worth a look with some fresh eyes.  

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON is now available on Blu Ray. Our thanks to Paramount PR for sending a copy for review. 

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