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MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU is the perfect prequel to the DESPICABLE ME movies. Here, the Minions are the star again, and it picks up from where the last film left off, where they say sayonara to one supervillain for another. They’re trying to prove to their new mini boss, Felonius Gru (Steve Carell) they are worthwhile to keep around. That’s the name they’ve given the young tyke. However, their relationship isn’t that perfect because one of them made a huge mistake. As the trailers have shown, Otto has traded away a valuable amulet, and he’s unaware of just how powerful that really is.

Soon, everyone wants it! This film becomes a hilarious radar rat race to get it and show just how valuable these pill shaped creatures are to Gru. The Vicious Six wants it, and just how important it is to the plot boils down to the fact it can transform the welder to magical beasts! As a result, the carnage they can wring is much worse. Or they can use it to steal the world’s riches anytime, anywhere, and all at once!

While I’m still wondering if this world has any heroes, there’s no definitive answer even in this look back at DESPICABLE ME’s history. One day, a movie will explain it. Instead, what we get is a story regarding a boy and his minions. That’s more important than him and the individual he meets who becomes his mentor. It’s possible to make more films to expand their adventures, and I’m thankful that’s not the plan. DESPICABLE ME 4 will put this franchise back to its roots. It’s tough to make the Minions the focus all the time, and in the long run, they’re better off as supporting characters rather than the stars.

Over time, I found myself not laughing at their hijinks as much. The original MINIONS movie appears quite often on speciality network television, and over time, the novelty has worn off. I find myself more invested in this arc because of the relationships developed over the four films. In this latest, Otto deserves praise because he has a sense of honour. Although Gru berated the guy for losing the medallion, he’s determined to retrieve it and help guide the film to the end. In what we see is enduring, because this franchise has always been about family bonding. Whether that’s with Gru and the Minions or the girls he adopts, the man that is Gru has a heart. When considering the former, I think they’ll always be around for their mini-boss.

After all, this movie is about the RISE OF GRU in other ways that viewers aren’t expecting.

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU is now playing in theatres.

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