The Menu on Blu Ray – Some People Call Me Ralph!

Fun story. THE MENU was the #1 movie I could NOT secure a seat to see at last fall’s Toronto International Film Festival. Back then I wasn’t totally aware it was a Fox Searchlight picture with the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy and was curious why I couldn’t get a ticket. But in the end, it was worth the wait as THE MENU is a twisted and amusing satire on higher-ups and culinary delights, and also an elite experience that only a few particular foodies could get into on Ralph Fiennes’ private island dinner experience.

I’m not a foodie by any means and I think THE MENU fits well with my own sensibilities. All of the obscure food, over prepared by too many cooks in the kitchen isn’t my thing, and Mark Mylod’s When a cheeseburger comes into the conversation, I wanted one too.

About the Blu Ray:

Typically I would say that Disney should release a 4k disc and the digital copy that was sent was also 4k, and yet I’m sitting here watching the 4k version on Google Play and nothing really stood out to me. This may have to do with its digital cinematography and most of the movie taking place in the dining hall, and the later sequence mostly in darker lighting. It’s a fine looking movie, of course, but this is an example where the Blu Ray will also be totally fine for disc collectors.

Bonus Features:

Featurettes: Open Kitchen: A Look Inside The Menu – Feast on the special ingredients of The Menu to see how director Mark Mylod and his formidable cast, the biting script and renowned chef consultants concocted the perfect recipe to bring authenticity and dark humor to the film’s high-end culinary world.

  • First Course: Take a seat at the table as director Mark Mylod delves into some of the key ingredients that went into crafting The Menu. Meet the renowned chefs and food stylists who brought their culinary expertise to the set.
  • Second Course: Savor the world-building of Hawthorn, from kitchen “boot camp,” to the meticulous details of the production design. Hear from the cast and writers about the director’s naturalistic approach to capturing the nuances of the performances.
  • Dessert: Dig into the creation of the s’mores sequence as costume designer Amy Westcott explains the painstaking process of sewing ponchos made of actual marshmallows. The cast discusses chocolate hats and the absurd predicament of their characters.

Deleted Scenes: And for a mignardise, enjoy three deleted scenes.

THE MENU of course isn’t for everyone. I recall a lot of arguments when I saw this back at the cinema on opening night, especially in its bonkers final act. And yet I liked it in its weird, twisted ways, even when it goes full on crazy in that segment. I’m glad it’s out on home video for more people to check out, and fans of the movie will also really enjoy the Blu Ray as well for the collection.

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

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