ABOUT: When estranged siblings, Joseph and Sidney, rendezvous at a local diner after a close-call robbery, they hightail it to an abandoned farmhouse that transports them to a different time in order to escape the local cops. But when they try to return to their present after the coast is clear, an unknown metaphysical force cuts them off and maroons them on the land unless they do exactly what they’re told. What comes from this not only bends the forces of spacetime but also bends Joe and Sid’s familial bonds beyond the point of trust and forgiveness.

Jason’s Reaction: I always love a good Midnighter selection at SxSW, and yet I wound up seeing this at the second 11am screening. It didn’t matter, as THINGS WILL BE DIFFERENT still grabbed me pretty quickly as it first starts out with some film-like images that reminded me of the early 1990s classic ONE FALSE MOVE but then switches more to the supernatural as its two leads find themselves in one heck of a house that I dare not spoil by talking about. The movie featured two of my favourite performances at the festival from Adam David Thompson and Riley Dandy who play this absolutely real, as strange as it all gets. I loved the way the movie handled the effects work and the twists with such a limited budget, and this is credit to filmmaker Michael Felker (who previously edited Benson/Moorehead festival favourites like SPRING and SYNCHRONIC) for creating such a unique and pretty scary vision. The movie should do well at more genre festivals and an Indie release, and is the kind of picture I want to see back home more often.

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