SxSW Reaction – THE FALL GUY

A few nights ago, I felt the roof blew off the Paramount Theatre in Austin with the release of Dev Patel’s MONKEY MAN. That was just a warm-up for Tuesday night’s screening of THE FALL GUY, the much anticipated new action picture from director David Leitch, who I met here in Austin many years ago at Fantastic Fest with JOHN WICK and then again a few years later when his ATOMIC BLONDE premiered at South By Southwest. Lines were wrapped around the block and I am assuming that more than hundreds of people were turned away, even though it was premiering in the 1,200 seat Paramount auditorium. There were loud cheers in downtown Austin when a certain recent Oscar nominee showed up.

ABOUT: Ryan Gosling stars as Colt, a stuntman who, after a near-career-ending accident, is drafted back into service when the star of a mega-budget movie—being directed by his ex, Jody (Emily Blunt)—goes missing. Now, this working-class hero has to solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job. What could possibly go right? Inspired by the hit 1980s TV series, The Fall Guy is directed by the blockbuster director of Bullet Train and Deadpool 2, David Leitch.

Jason’s Reaction: WOW. That was the big word I was saying to my seat neighbour, GRM writer Antonio, as the credits ran on this delirious, thrilling and overall enjoyable cinematic experience that takes a really good idea from a 1980s TV show and takes no prisoners. Using a lot of humour from its leads paired with great pyrotechnics and visual effects work, THE FALL GUY is less of the problems we have with so many Marvel/DC movies and just goes with the concept of a stunt man trying to do the right thing. This feels so less of a product and more of a real passion project from its team, utilizing all of the toys in their arsenal. Jonathan Sela’s stunning camerawork here is also a highlight with a bright, colourful design along with the really strong use of its Sydney, Australia setting (of which was also a star in the recently released ANYONE BUT YOU). Overall this movie is gleefully loud, exciting, very funny and features a terrific pairing of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, both of whom do some truly great work here.

I have no doubt in my mind this will be a huge hit for action fans when it is released in May, and you absolutely need to see this in a theatre that takes care of its projection and sound (more important to me than just seeing it on “the biggest screen you can)!

This movie and many like it are playing at this year’s South By Southwest. For more information, point your browser to!

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