Any GTA V fans out there? If so, you might want to keep an eye out for this documentary that I never thought I would see in a long time, and is required viewing for all fans of the theatre.

ABOUT: January 2021. The UK is in its 3rd lockdown and all entertainment venues remain closed. For theatre actors Sam and Mark, the future looks bleak. As the pandemic drags on, Mark – single and childless – is increasingly socially isolated, while Sam panics about how he is going to support his young family. They spend their days in the online digital world of Grand Theft Auto and when they stumble across a theater, they suddenly have an idea to stage a full production of Hamlet within the game. This film charts their ridiculous, hilarious and moving adventure as they battle violent griefers and discover surprising truths about life, friendship and the enduring power of Shakespeare.

Jason’s Reaction: The most original and captivating doc I saw at SxSW this year entirely took place in Grand Theft Auto V online, and the idea of the play, taking place through online channels all over the world, is such a crazy idea that you can’t believe people are doing, it, but they all make it work. I really related to this one, especially when playing around the GTA world and messing about and no doubt if you have played this game you too have wandered off and realized just how much you can let your imagination run free. I also loved all of the moments when the play was interrupted by online players just wanting to get in the way without a care in the world. I never tired of watching the online footage and was absolutely fascinated with every moment all of these players were in the game, and it’s such a unique way to do some Shakespeare and how they take it all seriously, even when it’s in Grand Theft Auto.

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