One of the finest documentaries that will be out this year, I was lucky to attend the premiere of BEING MARY TYLER MOORE at the Zach Theatre earlier this week.

ABOUT: With unprecedented access to the Mary Tyler Moore Estate, friends, family, and colleagues, “Being Mary Tyler Moore” constructs an intimate mosaic of Mary’s sixty-year career in show business. The film reveals a complex icon, full of compassion, empathy, and inspirational abilities, despite battling her own demons. At the same time, she tried to keep the pain of a tragic spate of unexpected personal losses from the public. To understand Mary Tyler Moore’s life and impact, the documentary weaves Mary’s narrative with an examination of the importance of her on-screen roles, her non-traditional influence as a powerful executive, her humanitarianism, and the indelible mark she left on feminism.

JASON’S REACTION: A movie that swept me up off of my feet from the first few minutes, BEING MARY TYLER MOORE is brilliant in what it does do but also what it doesn’t. Having access to all of Ms. Moore’s personal effects from her entire life up to her death in 2017, the movie is a capture with photographs and old videos, the documentary is joined by only the voices of people who were strongly connected to her. This could have went wrong in so many ways as I typically tire of talking head/clip show, but the footage here mixed with the voice-over interviews takes on a life of its own and had me hooked for its 118 minute run time.  Even the story behind the making here is pretty incredible, with filmmaker James Adolphus out of Chicago along with his small dedicated crew coming to Ms. Moore’s widowed husband Dr.S. Robert Levine who kindly let the crew into their lives and the result is a treasure of information on this legend of a performer. Warner and HBO Documentary Films are the distributor and I so want this to play in theatres as the audience reaction to all of the clips, ranging from big laughter to a lot of sniffles heard towards the end made for such a memorable experience at SxSW.

This film and many others like it will be showing at South By Southwest taking place March 10-19. For more information point your browser to!

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