A CBC Docs original, ADRIENNE & THE CASTLE premiered at South By Southwest Film & TV Festival and I hope will have good legs on its festival run leading to an eventual release.

About: A true story of love and loss, ADRIENNE & THE CASTLE documents the unique life of the St-Georges who built a castle to their love in rural Illinois. Now facing the future without the love of his life, Alan grapples with his grief through creative musical re-enactments of their story, transporting him into the fantasy world they created together.

Jason Whyte | Get Reel Movies

Jason’s Reaction: Another solid Canadian doc that had really strong reactions from people I spoke to while SxSW was running, ADRIENNE & THE CASTLE is deep and thought provoking documentary on loss and moving on, much of it told in re-creations as well as vintage footage that is really well intercut. Alan is such an interesting subject and is depicted well on screen, and this is also such a passionate and real love story that could be adapted somewhat into a narrative feature based on this documentary with some really nice dream-like sequences that I know would work better on the big screen than watching it on a home device. The doc is a bit sluggish in its final act and the running time hammers things down a bit, however since it’s such a powerful and personal story of a really talented person who truly knew he had the love of his life, it more than makes up for it. 

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