SXSW 2018 Review: FAMILY

FAMILY is definitely a funny movie. A hysterical one, in fact! But that doesn’t even end up being the most memorable thing about this absurd but simultaneously heartwarming film. Here, we follow an obsessive business woman named Kate (Taylor Schilling) who takes on the responsibility of babysitting her niece, Maddie (Bryn Vale). However, theres an inevitable catch- all; Maddie wants from her life is to become a Juggalo. What is a Juggalo you may ask? A Juggalo is member of the fan base for rap group Insane Clown Posse, generally seen with painted faces.

And yes, if you were wondering, the most unique part about FAMILY is this very aspect. It’s not likely that this film will be remembered for much other than the fact that it’s the film where they go to the biggest Juggalo gathering in the world. That aside, this is a genuinely funny film with a great message. Schilling and Vale have an excellent dynamic and aside from all clown posses they are definitely a draw to this film. Also notable are standouts Fabrizio Zacharee Guido, playing a Juggalo who draws Maddie into his world and the always funny Kate McKinnon as Maddie’s neurotic neighbour.

It’s difficult to talk about FAMILY without taking about it’s absurd story elements, but aside from them, this is a laugh-out-loud riot of a film with a huge heart and lots of clown makeup.

Rating: 7/10

Family is currently seeking worldwide distribution.

3 Replies to “SXSW 2018 Review: FAMILY”

  1. Were you at the premiere with the Juggalos?

    1. Unfortunately not, sounded like a riot though! Our editor Jason was and he said it was something to remember.

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