Fantasia 2017: ‘My Friend Dahmer’ Review

Ross Lynch My Friend Dahmer

Fantasia Festival

In My Friend Dahmer, we see the years leading up to the day notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmer killed his first victim, showing us what had happened in his life that made him who he was, not at all justifying his crimes.

My Friend Dahmer is definitely a compelling story, and a large reason as to why is Disney channel regular Ross Lynch’s Oscar deserving portrayal as Dahmer. Known for being a teen heartthrob, Lynch provides a career-defining performance, in a classic case of great actors having bad agents- he should’ve been showing off his talents much earlier in his career.

One of my biggest issue with the film is the frequent use of humour. It’s usually a good thing when dark films pepper humour throughout to lighten the mood, but in the case of My Friend Dahmer, it is so uncomfortably frequent to a point that it is seen in bad taste.

My friend Dahmer is a compelling enough story, with a career-defining, award-worthy performance from Ross Lynch making up for a majority of it’s issues.

Rating: 7/10

My Friend Dahmer will be released in Canada in the fall.

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