‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ is Back with a Vengeance

By: Ali Habous

I’ll say this right off the bat, John Wick: Chapter 2 is not a better film than John Wick. But at the same time, it comes very close and it’s hard to see the filmmakers coming up with anything better than what they came up with in chapter 2. It is a safe bet to say that if you liked the first part then you will definitely like the second part!

The film picks up a few days after the ending of the first part. Mr. Wick is almost done with his past and he is looking forward to his indefinite retirement. However, a blood oath from this past comes knocking on his door and unfortunately for him he has to go back to business and take on an assassination assignment. As expected, things go from bad to worse for John Wick but they go from good to better for John Wick’s fans because they will definitely get Chapter 3 in the near future. The filmmakers in chapter 2 intelligently expand on John Wick’s world, they show us more of the continental hotels, the assassins’ codes and rules, and the very much anticipated Gun-Fu action. The action and fight scenes are exciting and well staged, the locations are stylish and distinctive, and the film is never boring. Director and ex-stuntman Chad Stahelski (he doubled for Brandon Lee after his death on the set of “The Crow”) knows his audience and knows what they want. He thankfully not only gives them the action that they crave and the soundtrack that they expect, but also the style, atmosphere, and John Wick’s very immersive world in a bigger and a louder fashion.

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Cinematographer Dan Laustsen (Crimson Peak, Silent Hill) is able to shoot some serious action scenes but I found them to be a bit rushed and not as lean as the action scenes in the first part. I would really like to see Matt Flannery (The Raid 1 and 2) taking a shot at John Wick because I think he might do something incredible with Chapter 3 on the action front. Expanding the scope of the movie comes at a cost as we get to meet some unnecessary characters and much more colors and lights than the first part which shifts the dark mood to more of a techno dance theme in this one.

It is safe to say that the Babayaga is back with a vengeance in Chapter 2, and most probably Chapter 3 in the near future too. It is good to see Reeves taking on a character that suits him really well and here he has a chance to establish another memorable character that will be remembered for a long time in action movies history books like Neo from The Matrix trilogy. John Wick: Chapter 2, as with its predecessor is not for everyone, but if mind boggling action is the sort of thing that you like then prepared to be entertained and satisfied in equal measures.

Rating: 8/10

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