Hot Docs 2017: ‘Integral Man’ is an Ode to What it Means to be a Human

Integral Man

Joseph Clement. Canada. 62 Min. More Info

We’ve seen so many documentaries about extreme situations to keep the audience interested, or documentaries about over-the-top and charismatic characters that get obnoxious after a while. So it’s kind of wonderful to see a quick and peaceful documentary that is an ode to what it means to be a human being who will leave an impact on this world long after it is gone.

In Integral Man, the film’s subject character, Jim Stewart, is someone who is definitely interesting enough to carry this documentary while discussing his life. This gives the documentary a grounded and human feeling that many others do not possess. Jim’s house – which is where the entire film takes place – feels like a living and breathing character co-starring beside him, which is thanks to the beautiful and stylized tracking shots of the entire house as the narrative plays out. Every single detail seems to mirror or represent him on a personal level which is something I could greatly appreciate.

It’s short and sweet, but it is emotionally involving and powerful. You come for the engaging story, but you end up staying for the beautiful cinematography and character study.

Rating: 8/10

Screening Times: May 2 – 7:15 PM, May 3 – 10 AM, May 5 – 4:30 PM

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