‘Going in Style’ is Innocuous Fun

Going in Style

By: Alex Perez

On the surface of Going in Style, you have a comedy staring three top-notch actors. Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin can be considered legends at this point. On the flip side though, this project really came out of nowhere. Considering I haven’t seen the original (and I doubt that many others have), there’s nothing stranger than seeing Zach Braff directing this remake where three elderly friends rob a bank. It’s almost funnier than the film itself, but Morgan Freeman saying “OG Kush” might make me think otherwise.

The good news is that there’s definitely an audience for this film, slightly beyond the older demographic. These actors are so well known and have great chemistry together that’s it’s hard not to crack a smile sometimes. It doesn’t take itself too seriously or attempt to be anything huge. Fans of these actors will totally get a kick out of the gags and set pieces that are in store. There’s lots of heart to seal it all off. Each character is facing their own problems with family and age, the bond glues together the love everyone has for each other.

Beyond that however, Going in Style doesn’t tend to go beyond the running “I’m old” gag. It’s almost as if they had to remind the audience at points that ‘These guys are pretty old!’ with no need to. In that case, jokes can end up repetitive or stale. It’s doesn’t bring down the film, just more so drags down certain moments.

Going in Style

The cast makes the most out of what they’re given. Each character has their moment. Appearances by Ann-Margret John Ortiz, and Matt Dillion keeps things moving plot wise and do perfectly fine in their supporting roles. The film is paced just to the point where it’s not too long nor short. As a whole it’s pretty harmless, inadvertently so.

Was Zach Braff the right guy all along? Everything is so safely calculated that it’s hard to think of any other household name that could bring something else to the table, so Braff gets a pass. Going in Style isn’t perfect, but it’s a fun diversion that has just enough humour to warrant a one time watch. Take the grandparents to this one for sure.

Rating: 6/10

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    would love to have seen this movie.

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