TIFF 2017: ‘The Disaster Artist’ Review

dave franco and james franco in the disaster artist


How does the best, worst movie of all time get made? And for what reasons? James Franco directs himself, his brother, and all his friends in The Disaster Artist, which is based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero of The Room fame. Focusing more on Sestero’s relationship with Wiseau, The Disaster Artist answers some of our burning questions of why was this movie ever made and even touches upon some questionable script choices and narrative flaws of The Room (She definitely has breast cancer!).

Franco is perfect as Tommy Wiseau, getting the mannerisms and accent almost perfect. Younger Franco, Dave, felt not-quite-right for Sestero. But then again, Sestero always felt kind of wrong as Mark. The entire cast must have had a blast making this film.

The Disaster Artist is an absolute riot and so much fun. See it with the biggest crowd of fans as you can. Spoons optional.

Rating: 7/10

Public Screenings: Sept 11 11:59 pm (Midnight Madness screening), Sept 12 6:45 pm

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