Contest: Win a Digital Copy of ESCAPE from Mongrel Media

It’s another Get Reel Giveaway! Enter below to win an Apple TV Digital Copy of ESCAPE from our partners at Mongrel Media!

ABOUT: Best friends Carla and Tamsin, embark on a serene island vacation seeking relaxation and adventure. Their idyllic getaway takes an ominous turn when a ruthless criminal gang kidnaps them. As the gang soon discovers, they have gravely underestimated the strength and determination of these two women. What was meant to be an easy score becomes a high-stakes game of survival, as Carla and Tamsin turn the tables on their captors, transforming a vacation nightmare into a gripping tale of empowerment, resilience, and unexpected retribution. Starring Sarah Alexandra Marks and Sophie Rankin. Directed by Howard J. Ford.

To enter, send us an email at with the subject “ESCAPE Contest” in the subject line, and your name & Canadian city in the body of the email to enter!

Contest is for an Apple TV code and you must have an Apple ID account and know/understand how to redeem a winning code to enter. Contest runs from March 23 to 25. Read full rules/regulations below:

All contests on Get Reel Movies are for Canadian Residents 18 & over. This contest is for an Apple TV copy and all entrants must have an Apple TV account to enter and win, along with fully understanding how to redeem a code if selected to win. (Don’t know how to redeem? Click HERE to learn how!) Winners will be contacted by our contest business email to confirm message and must respond within 24 hours, then a link will be sent after confirmation. Team GRM reserves the right to restrict winners from all future contests if they do not have a Apple ID account nor understand how to redeem a code into their library once contacted as winner. Winning copies are for personal use of recipient only in their household. Redistributing, sharing or selling links is illegal. Per our privacy policy we will not publicly reveal winners and close this contest at our discretion. Contest winners will be logged in our system on date of contact and will not be able to win another contest for thirty (30) days from confirmation of contest prizing. By entering this contest, recipient agrees to all of these terms. Any additional questions? Shoot us an email at the “contact” button at the top!

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