Whistler Film Festival, Day 6: Quebec Exits & Scary Manitoba Demons In Shortwork Order

It’s Day 6 of Whistler Film Festival and now the festival is officially running LONGER than its usual five days when it’s in Whistler Village. There’s a lot more breathing room and now that there aren’t any industry live-streams until Wednesday, it’s time to buckle down and watch more movies!  As it has been mentioned […]

SxSW 2019 Interview – COMMUNITY FIRST, A HOME FOR THE HOMELESS director Layton Blaylock

“COMMUNITY FIRST, A HOME FOR THE HOMELESS is a feature documentary about Community First! Village in Austin which is a one-of-kind, master planned development that is transforming the lives of homeless people.  There is no other place like it. It has micro homes, tents, and RV’s and provides micro enterprises for the residents to make […]