Happy National Canadian Film Day!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 marks the fifth annual National Canadian Film Day, an annual celebration of Canadian cinema in our own very, very, very big backyard. Through my annual film festival pilgrimage to Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler Film Festivals I see a large amount of Canadian productions from all corners of the country. To celebrate […]

Truth or Dare: A New Millenial Horror Flick?

Production company Blumhouse’s latest venture into a narrative based on anxiety-inducing situations surrounding millennials is definitely geared towards that exact demographic. If the urban dictionary-related dialogue or opening credits, which are filled to the brim with hashtags and our lead characters capturing every moment they can on film didn’t give you enough of a hint, then […]

SXSW 2018 Review: FAMILY

FAMILY is definitely a funny movie. A hysterical one, in fact! But that doesn’t even end up being the most memorable thing about this absurd but simultaneously heartwarming film. Here, we follow an obsessive business woman named Kate (Taylor Schilling) who takes on the responsibility of babysitting her niece, Maddie (Bryn Vale). However, theres an […]