SIFF 2024 Reaction – GRANDPA GURU

More and more docs are surfacing on my radar at this year’s Seattle International Film Festival, and GRANDPA GURU is one that is based out of Seattle itself! Festival Notes: Attend the tale of Srđan “Gino” Jevđević, whose later nickname provided the title of Silvio Mirošničenko’s rock doc—an aspiring musician and free spirit who grew […]

SIFF 2024 Reaction – SCALA!!!

Ready for a documentary ABOUT a cinema? SCALA!!! has you covered, with two screenings happening at this year’s Seattle International Film Festival. Festival Notes: The wild history of the Scala Cinema in King’s Cross, London, a repertory house of ill repute with enough nose-thumbing alternative programming, midnight madness, illicit pornography, and transgressive politics that it […]

SIFF 2024 Reaction – WHY DINOSAURS?

Part of the family series of documentaries playing at SIFF, WHY DINOSAURS? is an absolute delight through and through, and the doc plays on this first weekend AND the last one. Don’t miss it, and bring the family! About: Why Dinosaurs? traces the humble beginnings, explorations, and a few different fascinating findings of self-confessed dinosaur enthusiast […]