Review: CRAWL

Hey, you know those movies that you know are beyond silly but you just love them anyways, warts and all? The new release is CRAWL is this movie. It is delightful in its simple existence as a movie that seeks out to entertain, get you pumped up, a little scared and claustrophobic in a singular […]

South By Southwest 2019 Interview – OBON director André Hörmann and Anna Samo

“OBON is a short-animated documentary, Akiko Takakura, one of the last remaining survivors of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, tells her life story. In this visually and emotional stunning story, she describes how, amidst the terror and nightmares, she found a rare moment of closeness with her father.” Director André Hörmann and Anna Samo […]

South By Southwest 2019 Interview – SUNDAYS director Andrés Cardona

“Jonny and Tommy, two Brooklyn firefighters, have been friends since high school. Embarrassingly, Tommy never learned how to drive; so Jonny finally teaches him how on one of their regular Sundays together.  After a great afternoon, secrets are revealed, their families become involved, and the future becomes uncertain.” Director Andrés Cardona on short film SUNDAYS […]